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Behind the scene shots from last weekend . ( love the Tims cup lol)

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This is actually not okay at all? Like, video games are so many peoples release. Not to mention if he bought all of those new they’re probably $100s just getting thrown about the yard. Like? Unless the kid had problems where the kid would do NOTHING but sit and play games all day, had no social life, and didn’t try to be social or anything at all, then its definitely in the parents right to try and help him, but this was just completely unnecessary and I hope the parents realize this now. There were way better ways to make it so the child understands that video games can be PART of his life, but not all of it.

I have two jobs, and when I’m not at those jobs, you know what I’m doing? I’m playing video games. I’m de-stressing through something I love to do. I couldn’t imagine the feelings this kid had watching this.

This is just fucked. “what is this going to accomplish?” is right. All it did was set him back $100s. It might not be a necessity like food or water but if all those games were considered important to him all his dad did was flush his money down the toilet. 

" Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured. "

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My man truly is perfect! <3 

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..what about people with OCD in love? Is that like a quadruple parallel? would that make their similarities cubed? 

Coffee tiemz photochutes. Tyr is cute and as such we humans should bow to her.





I kind of want to cry

this makes me so emotional. so many people around the world will never get the recognition for all of their hard work, and they don’t even get to taste the fruits of their labor. i feel for them.

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Those cops had their guns drawn and fingers on the trigger before they even spoke to him. 

That man was going to die. 

They got out of that car, knowing they were going to kill him. 

They saw no other options for him. 

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Hi. That’s my butt up there.  *^_^*